Spring in Crested Butte

There's more to springtime in Crested Butte than you might think. Some of the best skiing of the year is found here in March and April. Locals welcome spring with fun festivals and celebrations, the sun shines bright and the snow is still great. In fact, Colorado usually gets the majority of its snowfall in March and April. Closing day 2008 had a 100 inch base!

Work on your tan while you glide down the slopes or soak up the sun at outdoor bars and cafes.

Join in the fun of Slushuck, Crested Butte's wacky spring ski celebration in April and flush out winter at the zany town festival known as Flaushink.

Later, between ski season and summer, is a special time of blossoming trees and budding wildflowers. Temperatures are cool and pleasant. You'll witness the changing of the seasons and enjoy the town's  uncrowded laid back character.  




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